My first swimwear must have for this summer, was the TRIANGL bikini.

In fact it has been a must have since last year. Triangl offers you swimwear that combines sportiness and sexiness in two pieces, top and bottom.

The specialty of Triangl bikinis is, that the main material is neoprene and you can order

a different top and bottom size.

For skinny girls with small hips and chest but bigger boobs, it is definitely worth having one of these cool Triangl bikinis.

However I have to say, that I really hope, that they will widen their range of special sizes, as S ++ didn’t fit perfectly for myself. The cups have been the right size, but S was about two sizes too big for my chest. I had to tighten it with a knot which was really uncomfortable. So I hope that next year, I’ll be able to order a (X)XS ++ top with bottom and have even more fun with my super cool Triangl bikini.

The one you see on the pictures is called ‘Brigitte Cotton Candy’ and is a mix between neoprene and crochet work, which gives the swimsuit a special sweet touch.

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